Visual identity & online content

Visual identity & online content

Once your position in the market has been defined, along with your strengths and the concerns of your clients, it is then possible to naturally derive an accurate vision of the communication style to adopt.

Much more than just words, your communication must be enriched with visuals, photos, videos, diagrams, and a graphic charter inspired by your logo. All of these elements constitute your visual identity and are one of the fundamental pillars of the development of your brand image and the trust that customers place in you.

Strong, clear and coherent identity

This communication style may be slightly adapted depending on your different targets and from one medium to another. Actually, communication on Instagram to a younger clientele cannot be the same as for an newsletter targeting senior customers with high purchasing power, for example. The same is true for B2B where you do not communicate exactly the same way when you're talking to a small customer or a larger account, which may require some small nuances in terms of style.

However, the main characteristics of your communication should be reasonably stable, clear and consistent, in order to build a strong and memorable brand image. This notoriety must be developed on the basis of the communication of your own style, your values and your messages that differentiate you from your competitors and position you intelligently in the market.

Websites, CMS, e-commerce sites, Facebook pages, newsletters, videos... Effective messages and visuals to convert more visitors into customers!