Data Business Intelligence : permanent optimisation

Data Business Intelligence : permanent optimisation

Currently, 45% of the time spent on information goes through the Internet, while only 5% of the time is spent on print media (newspapers, magazines...). (*) As a result, more and more companies are choosing to transfer their communication budgets from other media to digital media (Google, Facebook, portals...). This results in increased competition on the web, higher bid prices and more money invested.

The intelligent optimisation of these budgets invested in digital communication is, logically, the key to the success of commercial enterprises. (*) Source: study published by Digimedia

Data-Driven Management

The technological tools for collecting and processing information on visitors' behaviours are constantly improving. More than ever before, it’s now possible to make better campaign management decisions based on accurate and detailed numerical information, which needs to be analysed with care and awareness. This new way of optimising management based on the most advanced numerical data is called « Data-Driven Management ».

On which campaigns should the budgets invested be increased? Which keyword combinations are not profitable enough? Which visual variants can increase conversion rates from visitors to customers? How far from a point of sale is it profitable to communicate? Up to what age group is it best to communicate with a given social network? By mastering the latest high-performance versions of data intelligence technologies, BLUETIME enables its partners to gain more new quality clients for the same investment budget.